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Our Story

We are a team of qualified health and social care professionals. We offer services that specialise in delivering a comprehensive range of Mental Capacity, Continuing Healthcare, and Social Care Assessments with the primary goal of tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of practitioners comprises of registered Health and Social Care professionals, each boasting wealth of experience. Our collective expertise spans working with individuals across the age spectrum, encompassing young people, adults, and the elderly, and addressing a wide array of needs. Our practitioners have a proven track record of service within the NHS, various Local Authorities, and the Private Practice sector.


Our director, originally trained as a Social Worker in 2009, and has practiced across a variety of LA and NHS organizations. In addition she has worked at an assessor level, up to management level across many organizations that solely focus on Continuing Healthcare and Capacity. She holds further qualifications in Mental Capacity, Continuing Health Care, Direct Payment/Personal Health Budget training, Care Act 2014, Strength Based Practice, Dementia awareness, GSCX, Sculpting, Safeguarding levels 2/3/4, financial assessment courses, NRPF, Webster-Stratton Parenting program, BIA/DOLS training, CBT, Psychotherapy, Form F Assessors Training, amongst others. She possesses a wealth of knowledge in areas such as Case Management, conducting Testamentary Capacity assessments, completing Court of Protection (CoP3) forms, evaluating Capacity for litigation, and assessing Capacity for decision-making concerning a person's Health & Welfare and/or Property & Financial Affairs, as well as Capacity for making Lifetime Gifts.


We've established a nationwide network of assessors, which includes Nurses and Social Workers, enabling us to offer a comprehensive service to our clients. Our assessors are willing to travel to the client's residence or their preferred location, ensuring maximum convenience. We also offer online assessments, if its appropriate. As an organisation, our core values revolve around client-centeredness, efficiency, and professionalism. We are dedicated to delivering robust assessments with a strong commitment to excellence for every case we undertake.

CHC , Mental health assessments , services , Care Planning

What sets us apart

  1. Specialist Knowledge in Health and Social Care: Our in-depth expertise in both the healthcare and Social Care sectors enables us to provide tailored solutions.

  2. Specialist Knowledge in Mental Capacity: We possess a deep understanding of Mental Capacity issues, ensuring precise and thorough assessments.

  3. Highly Experienced Practitioners: Our team comprises of qualified professionals with a wealth of experience in their respective fields.

  4. Network of Assessors: We've established a network of assessors for maximum coverage and convenience.

  5. Experienced in Working with Different Client Groups: We have a proven track record of effectively serving a diverse range of client groups.

  6. Able to Deal with Complex Clients: We are equipped to handle complex cases, including individuals with varying levels of communication, and we can utilise communication aids as needed.

  7. Competitive Prices: We offer competitive rates, ensuring our services provide excellent value for money.

  8. Professional and First-Class Assessment Services: Our commitment to professionalism and excellence is at the core of our services.

  9. Reliable Assessment Services: You can count on us for reliable, timely, and accurate assessments.

  10. Fast Turnaround of Reports: We understand the urgency of assessment reports and prioritise delivering them promptly.

  11. Passion-Driven: We are fuelled by a genuine passion for what we do, which reflects in the dedication we bring to every case.

  12. Client-Centred Assessments: Our approach places the client at the centre, focusing on achieving the best possible outcomes for the individuals we work with.

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