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Care and Support Planning 

Care and Support Plans are developed after determining eligibility through a Needs Assessment or Review. These plans outline specific services and strategies to address identified needs, including the management of a Personal Budget if applicable. They are designed to provide tailored support to individuals who have the right to eligible services based on their assessment outcomes.

Care and Support Planning

Through our extensive network of Independent Social Workers, we offer support to you and your team by delivering a robust formulation of eligibility for care and support needs.

Our Care and Support Plans encompass:

  1. Comprehensive Needs Identification:

    • Thorough assessment of all needs through a comprehensive evaluation.

  2. Care Act 2014 Eligibility:

    • We can give advice on what needs meet the Care Act 2014 Eligibility Criteria for care and support.

  3. Care Plan for Meeting Needs:

    • We can produce comprehensive care plans to demonstrate how your needs can be met.

  4. Personal Budget Management:

    • Explanation of the Personal Budget and details on its management.

  5. Advice and Information:

    • Guidance on actions that can be taken to meet or alleviate identified needs.

  6. Preventive Measures and Future Planning:

    • Recommendations for actions that can prevent or delay the development of care and support needs in the future. We are also able to create risk assessments if required.

  7. Expected Outcomes:

    • Clear articulation of the anticipated outcomes for the individual as a result of the Care and Support Plan.

Our approach is comprehensive and aims to provide a detailed, actionable plan that not only meets current needs but also considers preventive measures and future outcomes.

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