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Continuing Health Care (CHC)

Our Independent Social Workers adhere to the standards set by the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-Funded Nursing Care when conducting assessments and preparing reports. This commitment ensures that our assessments align with the established national guidelines, providing a reliable and consistent framework for evaluating and reporting on cases related to NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-Funded Nursing Care. By following these guidelines, we aim to contribute to the overall quality and integrity of the assessment process, upholding the principles and standards outlined in the national framework.

Information and advice

We offer a consultation service via zoom or telephone in which we can discuss advice in relation to CHC including:

 - Your current situation and potential eligibility

- Assisting you to understand the eligibility criteria 

- Understanding the various assessments in the CHC process eg.

  (the checklist and DST)

- Discussion relating to appeals and reviews 


Checklist Screening

We provide comprehensive support to facilitate the arrangement of checklist screenings. Our team of experts is available to assist you in preparing for the checklist screening assessment. For an additional cost, one of our team members can be engaged to actively participate in the assessment with you. This extra level of support aims to enhance the likelihood of progressing into the Decision Support Tool (DST) stage. Our commitment is to offer flexible and tailored assistance, ensuring you receive the necessary support at every stage of the assessment process.


Attend a DST or review

At Socialscape, our team of experts offers a representation service designed to maximize your chances of obtaining an accurate assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare. We provide comprehensive support, assisting you in preparing for the assessment meeting and offering on-the-day support if needed. Our goal is to ensure that you are well-prepared and supported throughout the assessment process, increasing the likelihood of an accurate evaluation of your eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare. With our dedicated representation service, you can navigate the complexities of the assessment with confidence.


Appealing eligibility decisions and lodging complaints support service

Our team provides an appeal management service specifically designed for individuals who have been assessed as not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and are seeking assistance to navigate the appeal and complaints process. We understand the complexities involved in challenging such decisions, and our experts are dedicated to offering comprehensive support throughout the appeals procedure. Whether you need assistance in understanding the grounds for appeal, compiling relevant documentation, or representing your case, our appeal management service is tailored to help you navigate this process effectively and increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

Schedule your free consultation

Please browse through all of our services and book your initial consultation so we can help you.

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