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Socialscape is dedicated to providing comprehensive mental capacity assessments and continuing healthcare services. Our focus extends across a diverse range of locations throughout the UK, ensuring accessibility for those in need. These assessments are conducted by our team of fully trained expert assessors, all of whom are qualified health and social care professionals.

We offer flexibility in assessment modes, allowing clients to choose between face-to-face sessions and video link assessments. Our Video Link Assessments have gained popularity due to their efficiency, offering a swift turnaround service at competitive rates. Each assessment undergoes a meticulous bespoke quality check, ensuring that our reports meet the highest standards and possess the robustness necessary to withstand scrutiny in a court setting. At Socialscape, our commitment is to deliver excellence in mental capacity assessments and continuing healthcare services with a focus on accessibility, efficiency, and quality.

In addition we can offer care needs assessments, and assist with care planning. This may be in relation to assessing social care needs, and creating care plans and risk assessments. This enables you to source and purchase the appropriate care for your needs, for example identifying whether someone has residential care needs, or whether their needs can be met with a care package at home. In addition if you require advice relating to selection of appropriate services we can offer that support. 

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